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Luxury shopping experiences are no longer exclusive to high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chanel.


Sussed software enables any brand to provide their customers with a personalised shopping experience that caters to their unique preferences. By taking down user preferences in detail, including size, style and colour, Sussed software creates virtual closets with product recommendations tailored specifically to each customer.

With Sussed, your brand will see increased revenue margins as your customers are better equipped to buy what they love. Personalisation also means less returns, as customers are able to purchase products that fit them perfectly.

Our founders are University of Toronto Engineering graduates with a passion for optimised design and improving user experiences. They understand the user-interface problem in online shopping and have developed Sussed as a solution to this issue.

Join the Sussed movement and offer your customers their best fashion finds,

All In a Click.


Better Serve Your Customers,

All in a Click

Sussed can revolutionize your brand's customer experience by offering cutting-edge AI technology that tailors the customer's shopping experience, provides virtual fittings with AR technology, and delivers data-driven insights on their behaviors.


By partnering with Sussed, you can increase revenue, retain customers, and improve your product selection and marketing strategies. Don't let frustrated customers abandon their carts - switch to Sussed and enjoy unparalleled customer satisfaction.


Meet the Team

Co-founders Alana Bailey and Keziah Nongo, are Engineers In Training graduated from the University of Toronto; both with Engineering Business Certificates and a minor in Environmental Engineering.

Sussed was formed from their passion for fashion, community, and the environment.

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Toronto, Ontario


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